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Vitamin B12

$20 per Injection or 5 Injections for $80

Supercharge Your Life

Vitamin B12 injections can improve overall wellness by:

  • Giving you the energy and endurance you need to exercise regularly
  • Lowering anxiety
  • Helping you fight depression
  • Improving sleep
  • Improving brain function
  • Aiding red blood cell production, preventing anemia 
  • Helping vegetarians and vegans avoid Vitamin B12 deficiencies (it is often found in meat and dairy products) 
  • Reducing  your risk of osteoporosis


What’s in This?
  • B-12 (cobalamin): Crucial for brain, tissue, and nervous system health, as well as red blood cell production. Deficiency can lead to anemia, low energy, and neurological problems

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